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All things fluffy, furry, and feathered come to life in blazing glory under the brush of Texas-based #mastriusmaster CHERI CHRISTENSEN!

The granddaughter of a cattle rancher, Cheri grew into a self-described “wanna-be farmer.” She surrounded herself with chickens, sheep, goats, geese, and donkeys; and by so doing, found her muse.  

“After I finished studying still lifes and portraiture with my teacher, Ron Lukas [protégé of Russian impressionist Sergei Bongart], I thought to myself, “What am I going to paint? What means a lot to me?” I looked out my window and found my answer.”

Artwork by Cheri Christensen

Cheri is a wealth of experience and know-how for artists. Just her ability to produce glowing, stunning value studies is a unique education! 

She expertly helps artists achieve the emotional connection in a piece that pulls viewers in and loves to walk artists through the process of honing their own visual voice.

Artwork by Cheri Christensen
Artwork by Cheri Christensen

Using brush and sometimes palette knife, Cheri works at creating the same kind of art she is drawn to—that which is honest, has integrity, and accesses emotion. She’s an expert at painting the effects and quality of LIGHT, known for jumping out of the car in all kinds of weather to capture an image when the light is just right.

“As a photographer, they always tell you don’t shoot into the light. Well, that’s what I like, shooting into the light… that last moment when the light just flickers across the form before the sun goes down… I was drawn to that effect, but how I painted it was learned.”

Artwork by Cheri Christensen
Cheri is represented in top-tier galleries across the US from Martha’s Vineyard to Bainbridge Island and featured in a host of art books and magazines.

Take this opportunity to work with Cheri and see your art and career stretch and grow!

Author: Mastrius
Date: March 24, 2022

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