Cathy Tetarenko

By Mastrius

#Mastriusartist CATHY TETARENKO’s pure Canadian vistas make us feel like we belong in those beautiful moments—which is just what they do for Cathy.

“Painting brings me back to what I love to do and I can just be there again—outdoors, hiking in the mountains and by the rivers and lakes. It’s about being in the moment; it’s so healthy for a person.”

Cathy Tetarenko Painting

“I’m learning so much right now in my group with Mastrius Master Cheri Christensen. Getting the colour and shadow and light right makes such a difference, but it can be a challenge. However, I’ve learned in the work I did in life coaching and counselling that you can’t move forward unless you get through that struggle.”

Artwork by Cathy Tetarenko
Cathy Tetarenko Art

Retired from her career as a nurse, life coach, and counsellor, loose brushstrokes in oil have become Cathy’s new passion. Some days she paints, and others you can find her out in the wild. “I do what I like to do and I do it when I want to do it,” she says with a laugh.

Painting by Cathy Tetarenko

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Author: Mastrius
Date: August 8, 2022

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