Carol-Anne Almquist

By Mastrius

While she sees the lives of people her age begin to wind down, #mastriusartist CAROL-ANNE ALMQUIST feels like she’s just getting started!

B.C.’s beautiful Sunshine Coast provides endless inspiration for Carol-Anne’s land and seascapes in watercolour and acrylic. While she often works early in her studio before heading off to work, you’ll also find her setting up her easel on a misty summer day to catch the full experience of the moment.

Artwork by Carol-Anne Almquist

Recently co-featured in the exhibition, “Darkness to Light,” at Vancouver Island University, Carol-Anne and her daughter, Kerri Almquist, shared art from their lived experience with mental illness as well as the influence of art on hope and recovery. 

“You get older and you realize that’s what life is all about; what you’re going to leave behind and how you have treated your family. It’s about depth—when you’re young, you’re just learning.”


Artwork by Carol-Anne Almquist
Artwork by Carol-Anne Almquist

A mental health rehab worker, Carol-Anne took up painting during a low mental health period of her own. Recovered for several years, painting daily helps her stay grounded and present and working with Mastrius Master Sharon Lynn Williams helps develop her talent and career.

“I want people to know that there is hope. When I say that to people I support, I really mean it. I am living proof. I have a meaningful, joyful life!”

Artwork by Carol-Anne Almquist

Find Carol-Anne’s work with the Federation of Canadian Artists on Granville Island, in galleries up the Sunshine Coast, and in Herringbone Gallery online. 

And don’t forget to FOLLOW @carolannealmquist! Cheer her on as she develops a body of work to earn signature status with the Federation of Canadian Artists and be re-energized by the beauty she creates from within.


Author: Mastrius
Date: June 20, 2022

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