Brad Teare

Mastrius Master Artist

Trading one knife for another, this woodcut illustrator turned professional palette knife artist knows how to make an impact. Welcome, NEW Mastrius Master BRAD TEARE!

Based in Utah, Brad Teare’s career began with illustrations in woodcut for The New York Times and Random House. While in New York, he discovered his love for thick paint at a Van Gogh exhibit. Surprised by the paintings’ impact, he felt compelled to explore the power of texture.

Brad Teare Art

Brad’s award-winning work hangs in well known galleries and museums across the US and is featured in magazines like International Artist. His blog and Youtube channel dispatch information on thick, tactile paintings to over 2 million viewers in nearly every nation on the planet. Yet, Brad stays focused on his mission, one painting at a time.

“Success is bringing beauty into the world to help us transcend the struggles of life. I hope to bring light and energy… as if each painting were a perpetually charged battery.”


Art by Brad Teare
Artwork by Brad Teare

Brad is now known for his rich and compelling landscapes, as palpable in the feeling of place as they are to the touch. He most often references his own plein air sketches and studies, saying, “Painting outdoors allows me to record more complex colors, especially in the shadows.” 

And every painting begins with his unique black and white underpainting of graphic lines—a striking resemblance to his past work in wood. “Beneath my paintings surges the rhythm and energy of a woodcut.”

Brad Teare Professional Artist

EMERGING ARTISTS, take that next step in your art career with Brad as your experienced mentor. From smashing mental blocks and overcoming performance anxiety to connecting with collectors and conveying energy in a landscape, Brad is your guru and guide.

Join Brad in HIS STUDIO as you paint from YOURS!

Author: Mastrius
Date: July 21, 2022

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