Bobbi Dunlop

Mastrius Master Artist

Sometimes we are fortunate enough to have people cross our paths at pivotal moments and leave a lasting impact. For Mastrius Master BOBBI DUNLOP, that authority was the masterful American artist, David A. Leffel, whose philosophy, You learn about life as you learn to paint and you learn to paint as you learn about life,” has been a significant force in her artistic journey. 

Coming soon, Bobbi is starting NEW with a fresh group of emerging artists, now being that profound influence in another artist’s life.

Bobbi Dunlop Artist Painting

I enjoy Bobbi Dunlop’s brushwork… there is a certain energy about her work that demands attention.” —Brian Sherwin, art critic 

She is an associate member of the Oil Painters of America and the Portrait Society of America, and her work is hung in numerous corporate and private collections in North America and the UK.

Bobbi Dunlop Art
Artwork by Bobbi Dunlop

Calgary-based Master artist, Bobbi Dunlop studied art and technique since she was young, becoming well-versed in watercolour and oil and building a successful career in both

Her style is steeped in the influence of the Old Masters, but exudes a style so unique and personal that she consistently strikes a personal chord with all who love her work.

Bobbi Dunlop Professional Artist

A much-loved art instructor for over 20 years, Bobbi challenges her students to develop their art in tandem with personal growth—much the same as David A. Leffel did for her.

Join Bobbi in HER STUDIO as you paint from YOURS!

Author: Mastrius
Date: July 14, 2022

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