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Quebec born & based, #LUmaster MARC GRANDBOIS is passionate about three things: nature, painting, and the nature of painting.

“Painting is above all an inner journey. This is what distinguishes the artist from the maker of image as a product.”

artwork by Marc Grandbois

Marc teaches what he demonstrates in all his work—that technique is important but its rightful place is in the service of honesty and feeling. 

Generous, patient, and constructive in his feedback, Marc shares his unique approaches—from composition and surface prep to avoiding paint mediums and digging deep within himself—with the up-and-coming artists he mentors.

artwork by Marc Grandbois
artwork by Marc Grandbois

In his early career, Marc’s watercolour work took center stage—skills he learned from his mother, herself a talented watercolourist, and from his arts education at Concordia University. 

More recently, Marc has made waves with his acrylic paintings, often done en plein air. He’s learned to be quick, to catch the light (his favourite is that midday gleam), and to create an incredible atmosphere that envelops the viewer. 


artwork by Marc Grandbois

“Being honest with myself and developing a personal approach with colours makes my imagery different.”

A signature member of the Institute of Figurative Arts/Institut des Arts Figuratifs (IAF), his work is prized in galleries and collections in Canada and abroad.


Marc is a technically and emotionally astute mentor whose experience and quality of work will be a great guide and encouragement for your own!

Author: LevellingUp
Date: February 3, 2022

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