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It’s easy to mistake these beauties for photographs, but they are the incredible works of Mastrius Master and renowned oil painter ANDREW ORR.

Artwork by Andrew Orr

My paintings are about joyI hope the viewer will feel some of what I have felt when first viewing the subject, discovering the gifts of nature.”

A professional painter for 25 years, Andrew is listed in the Who’s Who in America and holds status in a host of artist leagues and societies. Frequently recognized with awards and honors, Andrew, also serves as juror and teaches his unique painting process regularly.

Artwork by Andrew Orr
Artwork by Andrew Orr

From his bucolic studio in a converted horse barn in Vermont, Andrew creates impressionist and realist paintings to share his love of nature’s beauty. His paintings are direct and rich, emanating clear color and expressing his passion for light and life.

Artwork by Andrew Orr

Andrew is NOW MENTORING a small group of motivated artists in intentional, creative community with Mastrius!

Grab a seat in ANDREW’s studio while you learn from yours!

Author: Mastrius
Date: June 22, 2022

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