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Pioneer of contemporary figurative op art, leader in analogue glitch art, Canada’s pop surrealist, and internationally-crowned Queen of Double Eyes, #mastriusmaster ALEX GARANT is charting her own original and authentic course.

Painting in oil alla prima, Alex makes great use of traditional portrait techniques paired with graphic design to reflect how our inner self and outer persona battle to define us.

It is just who I am, what I do, and what I have been inventing. It comes naturally as part of my creative voice. The more work you create, the more you are able to see repeating elements and find out the patterns that come naturally.”

Artwork by Alex Garant

Working out of Toronto, Alex has exhibited from L.A. and NYC to Australia and Portugal. Her work has been in museums across the US and featured in the likes of VICE, the Wall Street Journal, Hi-Fructose, and American Art Collector magazine.

Alex is an official Deserres ambassador and has been commissioned by MARVEL x Sideshow Collectibles, Universal Music x Billy Talent, Penguin Random House, and more! She’s experienced at creating merch and NFTs—connecting with people from all over the world who resonate with her work.

Artwork by Alex Garant
Artwork by Alex Garant

Alex studied visual arts at Notre-Dame-De-Foy in Quebec but art took a backseat until she suffered an unexpected heart attack in 2012. After her brush with death, Alex knew there was no more time to waste. She had to invest her life in what she loved doing—art.

“Once I decided to truly focus on art as my career, it was easier to understand the steps to get there. Being open to opportunities and understanding how to use them is often key.”

Artwork by Cheri Christensen

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Author: Mastrius
Date: March 31, 2022

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